Upcoming: Post-PhD employment: What are you good at? Translating research skills

It isn’t always easy to see how your research skills can be used outside the university. This week we explore ways of identifying and articulating your skills in ways that potential employers are likely to understand. Rest assured – you have heaps to offer! But sometimes it takes practice to work out how to translate what you know into language that can be understood outside academia.

By the end of this mini-course you will be able to:

  • Identify your key employability skills
  • Understand the key skills sought by employers outside academia
  • Provide examples of how/when you have demonstrated those skills

When is it? The course will run over a week, 15-19 June 2020. Please register your interest by 5pm Thursday 11 May.

How does it work? When you register, we’ll send you a link each day to a short blog post that provides some stimulating reading, links to relevant material, provocative questions and useful activities. All up, the reading and responding will take 20-30 minutes – just enough time to drink your coffee.

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