First days of AcWriMo

It’s great to see the register starting to be populated with your word counts and hours. I saw some very impressive tallies for the first few days of November. Well done Anita, George, Shankar and Ehsan for producing over 1000 words! And well done everyone else for simply sitting down and DOING some writing! I find it motivating to think that there are lots of busy writers out there keeping me company.

I’d love to hear how you are going with your writing. Is it easier to settle down knowing that you have a specific goal for the day? Do guilt and nagging work for you, or just help you refine your procrastination techniques? What is working well for you and what is getting in the way of your writing?

Please share your thoughts via the Comments at the bottom of the screen.

In the meantime, keep writing and adding your tally to the register  🙂




  1. Hi everyone, well done on all your efforts! It is great to be participating in AcWriMo. Since joining I have felt motivated everyday (I know it is only early days 🙂 to write knowing others have similar intentions and goals. I also like filling in my daily tally on the register because I can see all the names of people working hard out there.

    I do have competing commitments but I think what has helped for me to stick to writing every day is the planning and goal setting I did beforehand: what chapter (or sections of a chapter) I wanted to work on, and a (conservative estimate) of amount of words I wanted to achieve for the month. Also, I tried to do a rough writing plan (content) so that I have no excuse to think/procrastinate on what I want to write for each session. So far it has helped 🙂

    In addition, when I write I have been making an effort not to reference (or look up references). Instead, I write and insert the words ‘(ref)’ so that I can come back to it later. This particular habit has been difficult to break, but in doing so has reduced interruptions and I have been able to produce more writing.

    Best wishes to all! : )

    1. Sounds like a great way to approach a month of writing, Anita! And I hope this will also set up useful habits that can carry you beyond November too. I especially like to hear that focusing on your own ideas instead of constantly referring back to other articles is working for you. I’d encourage everyone to try and do more of this and will talk about it in the workshop on ‘Working with the literature’ (register here if you are interested in coming along – there are still a few places available).

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