One week in – how is AcWriMo working for you?

Hello fellow writers!

How have you enjoyed your first week of AcWriMo? Did you manage to get the writing done as planned, or did other distractions get in your way?

I’ve got a couple of big jobs off my desk now, and can settle into a weekend of writing with the Boot Campers. It feels like a luxury to have 2.5 days of dedicated writing time, especially when I know that lots of you are juggling all sorts of other responsibilities and trying to fit your writing in between.

What are your weekend writing plans? Is this time to focus on your research work, or do you need some time with friends and family or in peaceful solitude?

Let me know how you are going by adding your comments below.

In the meantime, stick to it and remember to record your output on the register.



  1. I didn’t get any writing in on the first week – I thought I might be able to squeeze it in around a conference in Brisbane but I always underestimate the exhaustion I feel after long conference days! Taking a writing retreat now to make up for it. Good luck everyone!

    1. Conferences are hard work, in my opinion! The travel gets your system out of sync, there’s the nervous energy of presenting, the intense concentration of listening, remembering and engaging with everyone else’s presentations, and then all the social interactions in the breaks – exhausting! It has always been a surprise to me when I return from a conference and someone asks if I had a nice holiday…
      But what a great idea to organise yourself a writing retreat to follow up 🙂 Good luck with getting those words out of your head and onto the page/screen.

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