#TwitterChat for AcWriMo

The Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) at Coventry University in the UK has organised an online Twitter event, in collaboration with Cambridge University Press as part of their AcWriMo activities this month.

The event will take place on Tuesday November 26th at 6pm (UK time) and will last for about an hour. The #TwitterChat will be hosted by @CAWCov and @CUPAcademic and have academic writers from around the world discussing writing practices and writing for publication. We would love to see all you Twitter users getting involved, so if you have a moment, please come along and share your thoughts, experiences, and reflections. You’ll find the launch tweet here.

While the timing is not likely to be great for those of us in Australia, you can check it out when you get up on Wednesday morning. Your comments and insights are welcome to be included here on our blog, too.

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