AcWriMo resources and activities

As we head into the final week of AcWriMo, you might be interested in some of the other resources and activities that are happening around the world in this global writing festival.

Sage has put together a list of their writing resources especially for AcWriMo. Of particular relevance to HDRs are “How to get published”, “How and why academics write”, and “Focus on the book”.

Emerald publishers also have some useful resources – Writing tips for ECRs. There are also some writing guides that you may find interesting.

Pat Thomson’s blog about “Planning a paper” has some great tips too.

For those of you who enjoy a yoga stretch, this video on “Yoga for writers” might be helpful.

And, of course, Twitter has lots of activity around #acwrimo2019. I’m not offering this as a procrastination technique, but a way to show you you are not alone on this writing journey!

Have you found any other useful resources lately? Please share them with the group!


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