One week in to AcWriMo

Hello fellow writers!

One week into AcWriMo and lots of you are powering along. It’s great to see the numbers adding up.

Lots of you have had all sorts of other responsibilities and interruptions outside of your research, so I’m particularly impressed that you’ve also managed to commit energy to your writing. If last week didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, please feel encouraged to have another go this week. I for one had lots of teaching last week, but can focus more on writing now.

Please share your strategies for focusing even when there are lots of distractions.

Ren offered this lovely music suggestion as good company while writing – thank you so much! What other recommendations can AcWriMo-ers share with the group? I’m keen to learn from you all. One of my all-time favourite writing companions is Tord Gustavsen.

Keep writing, and do please record your output in the register.



  1. I’ve been finding it helpful to visualise my Ph.D. using the open-source program and then using that to guide the writing. It’s a good strategy for visual arts-related research projects.

      1. Yes certainly. I have been turning the chapters and main ideas into colour coded mind maps and then generating the language from the diagrams. It has really helped me to articulate relationships and ideas that are difficult to express in words first.

  2. I’m quite impressed with my ability to allow myself to slack off from the writing… I had one really big day and I decided that gave me some flexibility in the days following! doh! So now I will commit to looking at each day individually and not claiming a good day from 3 days before! lol

    1. I think the temptation to ‘binge’ can sometimes leave us exhausted afterwards. The slow, steady approach to ‘serial writing’ a chunk every day can spread out the good feelings 🙂
      Your idea to focus on each day as an individual experience seems like a really great way to stay with it. Let us know how you get on.

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